Founded by Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries is a revolutionary, non-denominational Christian Church that provides its members with teachings on the Kingdom of God, Inner Healing, Deliverance, and Spiritual Warfare. BRIDE Ministries is centered on the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Dan Duval — BRIDE Ministries

BRIDE Ministries started as a small newsletter published by founder Daniel Duval, and in 2010, after releasing the book Noah’s Ark and the End of Days, Dan launched the first rendition of BRIDE’s website. …

When it comes to beefing up attendance in the wake of a pandemic, church leadership will try just about anything. There are a few easy ways to market to a new audience and recognize first-time guests to your organization. Here are some tips from successfully growing churches.

Go Social

It may seem obvious, but many local churches are dramatically underutilizing the power of social media. Paid or unpaid advertising on these platforms draws visitors by the thousands. There are few easier ways to reach mass audiences than through social media outlets.

Virtual services continue to grow in popularity as well. They are…

In the modern world, declining attendance is a problem faced by almost every church. It is tempting to dismiss the problem as an indication of changing cultural attitudes. However, church leaders who want to address the issue need to look closely at why people are no longer attending their church services.

Cliques Create an Unwelcome Atmosphere

Churches work hard to provide a sense of community, but unfortunately, sometimes, this can make the church feel like a members-only club. This can be overwhelming for new visitors, who feel left out and confused by things like insider terminology and references to people a guest will not recognize…

Although the COVID pandemic has turned a corner in recent months, church leaders should remain mindful of the virus. Many people in the country are still not vaccinated, and this places your congregation at risk. Here are three mistakes to avoid in your church until the COVID pandemic is under control,

Turning Off Digital

COVID required churches to go into the digital age to maintain communication with congregations and provide uplifting sermons. As COVID vaccinations are being given to more people in communities, some churches turn off the digital channel. Unfortunately, they could also lose a good proportion of their congregations. Many people…

Volunteers hold an essential part in the functioning of a successful children’s ministry program. Anyone who gets the recruiter’s role wants to find as many volunteers as possible, but the procedure can be challenging and intimidating. Recruiting volunteers is difficult because not everyone wants to work for kids and teach them about the love of Christ.

The ideas below will help you much with the recruitment of Children’s ministry volunteers.

Pray About it

Request God in prayer to reveal the kind of volunteers He wants you to approach working with kids. Ask potential leaders to pray about serving.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

The bible in Mathew 7…

The metrics for rating student ministries are changing from drawing a crowd or large attendance. The focus nowadays is to help teens to experience their faith positively in a real, fun, warm, and welcoming environment. It is also connecting the teenagers with Godly adults to walk with them in the spiritual process.

Develop a Clear Mission, Vision, and Values

A clear mission statement will let volunteers determine the direction to head as a team. A vision statement reveals the way a destination will look. Clear values help the students to make proper decisions on reaching the final goal. People are competing with different commitments like gym, soccer…

Church sermons can be either the most interesting or the most tedious parts of a church service. Poorly done sermons can seem to drag on for hours as you watch the eyes of your congregation glaze over or wander around the room just waiting for it to end. On the other hand, great sermons can inspire reflection, action, and self-exploration within your congregation. While the meat of your sermon will mostly be reading from the text and some interpretation of the verses, a strong closing can hammer that point home. Here are three ways to close out a sermon.

Make it Personal


Young leaders working on worship might believe that their methods are key in inspiring many. They can be, but worship leaders can often get misguided by not taking advice from others.

Young leaders should be taking advice from older worship leaders to continue to have a career for a long time. If you’re a young leader, make sure you pay attention to these lessons.


If you see a younger audience at a church, chances are they are connecting to church leaders through music. However, this audience can quickly disappear.

To ensure that younger people are more convinced to go to…

5 Tips for Writing Compelling Sermon Titles — BRIDE Ministries

When it comes to writing sermon titles, people tend to go for flashy, artistic, or symbolic titles as a means to catch more attention. What’s more important is to write titles with depth and substance that get people excited for the messages. Here are some tips to improve your titles.

Show the Benefits

A title that stands out will tell people how it can help or benefit them. It should spell out plainly what they will learn from the sermon, so they are more drawn to finding more information.

Meet Specific Needs

Another aspect of writing sermon titles is knowing your congregation well enough to deliver…

God’s word promises that whatever we ask of him if we have faith, we’ll receive it. Why, then, do some prayers seemingly go unanswered?

It Isn’t God’s Plan for You

According to the Bible, God has a plan for each of us. If you’re praying faithfully, but you don’t receive an answer, the problem could lie in what you desire. Your goal might not fit into God’s purpose for your life. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

When you pray, ask God to let his desires be your desires; to let his goals…

Bride Ministries

BRIDE Ministries International is a Christian organization founded on the teachings of minister and author Daniel Duval. Learn more at

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